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Nothing adds a sense of might to home decor quite like a medieval weapon. And here at Buying A Sword, we carry Ancient Armoury weapons to help you give your domain the proper historical feel. From medieval and Renaissance swords inspired by historical figures like El Cid to halberds, axes, and flails, shop here for high quality collectible weapons that will take you back to the ancient eras with their high quality craftsmanship. Impress guests with a decorative sword above the mantle, or show off morning stars and double headed decorative axes to proclaim your warrior might. Italian Renaissance swords add finesse to any setting, and ornate takes on historical weapons bring beauty to displays. Whether you prefer the fearsome weapons of battle or the elegance of dueling swords, Ancient Armoury is here to help you enjoy medieval history in your own home.
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12th Century Halberd with Spike

Item # ME-0116
Emulating the appearance of early polearms, the 12th Century Halberd with Spike is a full size replica halberd and a terrific decoration that brings a distinct medieval allure to the decor of wherever it is displayed.

12th Century Voulge

Item # ME-0117
Exquisitely designed in the fashion of 12th century polearms, the 12th Century Voulge is a spectacular home decoration that is sure to express your passion for history and allow viewers to experience a taste of medieval era style.

13th Century Axe

Item # ME-0120
A superb representation of medieval period weaponry, the 13th Century Axe emulates a styling that was used for two centuries. It is a spectacular piece of home decor that is perfect for displaying your interest in history.

13th Century Medieval Flail

Item # ME-0123
A unique and devastating weapon used during the medieval period, the flail began as a weapon used by peasants and transformed into one wielded by cavalry. Display a replica of this blunt weapon with the 13th Century Medieval Flail.

14th Century European Halberd

Item # ME-0113
Designed to authentically replicate the halberds used in medieval era Europe, the 14th Century European Halberd is a stunning full size decorative pole arm that is sure to capture the attention anyone fortunate enough to behold it.

14th Century Lance

Item # ME-0115
Playing a significant role in Middle Ages warfare, the lance was a favorite weapon amongst medieval cavalry due to its supreme stopping power. You can experience this game-changing weapon firsthand with the 14th Century Lance.

15th Century Axe

Item # ME-0121
Beautifully crafted to replicate the design of a weapon known as a man at arms axe, the 15th Century Axe is a magnificent decoration and homage to the weaponry favored by knights and other cavalry warriors during the medieval era.

15th Century Gothic Halberd

Item # ME-0114
In a remarkable emulation of medieval German weaponry, the 15th Century Gothic Halberd is a full size replica pole arm. It is a superb decoration, enhancing the ambiance of the room in which it is displayed with its historical appeal.

16th Century Axe

Item # ME-0122
During the medieval era, there was an exceptionally diverse selection of weapons used on the battlefield. The 16th Century Axe is a superb replica of one of these weapons, the battle axe, which was heavily favored by horseback warriors.

18th Century Decorative Italian Sword

Item # ME-0138
Employing fine Venetian styling, the 18th Century Decorative Italian Sword is an exceptional decor piece for those who enjoy the appeal of historical weaponry. This sword emulates the appearance of side swords used in the 18th century.

Crescent 16th Century Decorative Medieval Halberd

Item # ME-0104
Typifying the weaponry from the Middle Ages, the Crescent 16th Century Decorative Medieval Halberd is a magnificent decoration that exudes a look of medieval era elegance and displays your love of this historical period.

Dark Ages Axe

Item # ME-0118
In an extraordinary replication of the axes that were used during the Middle Ages to construct siege weaponry, the Dark Ages Axe is a fantastic example of the tools that helped advance the complexity of medieval warfare.