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Crafting some of the finest functional blades in the world, Hanwei remains a premier manufacturer of handcrafted European and oriental weapons. Here at Buying a Sword, we provide an excellent selection of quality Hanwei swords and historical weapons replicas ranging from high carbon steel katana to battle axes, spear heads, and pole arms of various kinds. Medieval and Renaissance designs include bastard swords, back swords, single handed swords, fencing sabers, claymores, Viking axes, scramasax, dirks, and the like. Oriental blades come in similar variety with pieces like jie dao, katana, tanto, wakizashi, iaito, yari, dadao, and naginata. Hanwei functional swords and weapons are perfect for martial artists, fencers, re-enactors, and collectors to make use of and display. Take a moment to browse, and you will find many fantastic options to suit your needs!
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11th Century Norman Sword

Item # SH2326
Based upon designs popular during the famed Norman conquest of England led by William the Conqueror, this 11th Century Norman Sword is a functional stage weapon that is perfect for your reenactment or stage combat from this era.

14th Century War Sword

Item # SH2366
The 14th century marked the beginning of the Hundred Years War between England and France, which lasted well into the 1400s. This 14th Century War Sword is designed after the weapons used by soldiers throughout this turbulent century.

15th Century Mercenary Sword

Item # SH2368
The mercenary or routier of the medieval period was, in a nutshell, a soldier for hire by either side in the Hundred Years War. This 15th Century Mercenary Sword is a must have sword for reenactors or collectors of the medieval era.

16th Century Hand and a Half Sword

Item # SH2365
The 16th century saw the end of what we refer to as the medieval period, a time when the hand and a half sword was incredibly popular. This 16th Century Hand and a Half Sword is a stunning representation of weapons from that time.

30 Inch Pole Stave

Item # OX007
When you find a unique and special spear, axe, or hammer head, you need a pole stave that will easily adhere to the vision you have for your ideal weapon. The 30 Inch Pole Stave will help you create that perfect polearm.

54 Inch Pole Stave

Item # OX006
If you have found your favorite axe or spear head and you need a long, solid pole to create the weapon of your dreams, then you have come to the right place. The 54 Inch Pole Stave is the perfect height for a war axe or spear.

84 Inch Pole Stave

Item # OX005
The 84 Inch Pole Stave for finishing the XH2038 and XH2039 spears. They are also a great addition to other spear-heads, allowing you to authentically complete your ideal pole weapon. It is perfect for a DIY project or for a historical reenactment.

Albrecht Hand and a Half Sword

Item # SH2034
When you wish to enter combat with an elegant yet functional sword, look no further than the Albrecht Hand and a Half Sword for a medieval blade. Based on a museum piece, this fully functional sword looks great at any reenactment.

Antiqued Danish Axe

Item # XH2099N
The Danish Axe by Hanwei is undoubtedly a fine example of the use of peacetime agricultural tools as weapons in time of war. Equally at home felling trees or adversaries, the axe evokes a fearsome picture of the woodsman at war.

Antiqued Throwing Axe

Item # XH2042N
No collection is complete without the addition of a well-balanced throwing axe. The Antiqued Throwing Axe, made by Hanwei, could historically be used as a dangerous weapon in two ways, depending on the combat situation.

Bamboo Katana

Item # SH1002
In 1876, the Samurai were banned from carrying their swords. This attempt to end a thousand year tradition was not received well by the proud warrior class and the stick katana was born.

Bamboo Mat Katana

Item # SH2438
Our eye-catching Bamboo Mat Katana features a chu-kissaki blade of Hanwei high-alloy HWS-2S steel, which combines its impressive performance with a striking O-choji hamon.