Charles V Swords

With an empire extending over 4 million square kilometers of Europe, the Far East, and the Americas, Charles V acted as Ruler of the Holy Roman Empire and Charles I of the Spanish Empire until his abdication in 1556. His rule spawned three of the leading dynasties of Europe - the Habsburg monarchy, the Younger House of Burgundy, and the House of Trastamara in Castile. Despite his love of peace, most of Charles Vs reign was spent fighting the Great Italian Wars against France. Since Charles V remains known as one of the most important figures of the Renaissance, our Charles V swords at Buying a Sword make excellent collectible weapons to commemorate his legacy. We offer several high quality decorative swords with 24K gold elements and intricate engravings. Perfect for re-enactments and display, these Emperor Charles V sword replicas are definitely worth a look by history lovers and weapons enthusiasts.
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Deluxe Charles V Sword by Marto

Item # MA-337-1S
The Deluxe Charles V Sword by Marto is a replica of the sword of Charles V (a.k.a. Carlos V), who is widely regarded as the first king of Spain, given that it was under his rule that the domains of Castile and Aragorn were united.