Condor Tool & Knife

In existence since the 1700s, the Condor Tool and Knife brand crafts a number of high quality weapons and tools perfect for combat and survival. Buying a Sword carries an excellent selection of Condor products, including an array of functional axes and hatchets for outdoorsmen and historical re-enactors. These single headed axes and double headed axes are inspired by tools from many different cultures, including Norse, German, Danish, and Swedish designs, among others. A number of these historical axes and hatchets feature a spike on one end of the head. Crafted from carbon steel and hickory, these Condor axes will stand up to hard work while retaining their classic and striking appearances.
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Asmat Dagger Spear

Item # BK-CTK380157
Designed after the weapons used by the Asmat tribe of Indonesia, the Asmat Dagger Spear is a pole weapon that any collector would be delighted to have. Add a stunning primitive style weapon to your collection with this functional spear.

Black Blade Naval Cutlass

Item # BK-CTK36024HC
Every sailor needs a sword to keep the crew and cargo safe, so make sure yours gets the job done and looks spectacular while doing it. With this Black Blade Naval Cutlass, you will own a sleek and functional weapon worthy of a captain.

Condor African Congo Spear

Item # BK-CTK101810
One of the best-known contributions to weaponry, the African spear, came from the Zulu people of the south. The Condor African Congo Spear takes the design of a modern rendition of this weapon and makes it accessible to you.

Condor Cloudburst Axe

Item # BK-CTK2803C16
A sturdy, dependable modern camping and bushcrafting axe with classic American features, the Condor Cloudburst Axe is larger than a hatchet, but smaller than typical American axes, making it a terrific size for many outdoor tasks.

Condor Dadao Sword

Item # BK-CTK35819HC
Typically, the Chinese sabre ends in a narrow point for stabbing and slashing. The Chinese broadsword, however, has a wider blade, making chopping a breeze. The Condor Dadao Sword beautifully replicates this ancient design.

Condor Greek Spear

Item # BK-CTK1017875HC
The design of the Condor Greek Spear is inspired by the intimidating spears used in Ancient Greece. Any Greek soldier holding one of these weapons was sure to have all the confidence in the world that they could conquer their enemy.

Condor Ironside Viking Sword

Item # BK-CTK10144
Bjorn Ironside, the alleged son of legendary Viking Ragnar Lodbrok, was one of the most famous Vikings and the founder of the Munso Dynasty. The Condor Ironside Viking Sword allows you to commemorate this formidable warrior.

Condor Mainz Gladius

Item # BK-CTK1001195HC
Roman Legions were renowned for the brutal fighting spirit of individual soldiers as well as the discipline and organization of the army units. The Condor Mainz Gladius is modeled after the weapon used by these lethal warriors.

Condor Sentinel Army Axe

Item # BK-CTK180936
When you are lost out in the wilderness, away from base camp with the cold of night creeping in, sometimes a knife or machete simply is not enough. Luckily, there are more versatile survival tools, such as the Condor Sentinel Army Axe.

Condor Sentinel Desert Axe

Item # BK-CTK181036
Even in the desert wasteland, situations can get sticky enough for something a little more multi-functional than a survival knife or machete. With the Condor Sentinel Desert Axe, you can be ready for whatever the hot sands throw your way.

Condor Spike Tomahawk

Item # BK-CTK391618
Perhaps the most familiar weapon associated with Native Americans is the tomahawk. The Condor Spiked Tomahawk replicates this historic hatchet, giving it a modern modification or two so as to bolster its function and style.

Condor Tactana Sword

Item # BK-CTK500208HC
Combining the cutting power of a traditional katana with the convenience of a shorter sword, the Condor Tactana Sword gives you the best of both worlds. This tactical katana looks and functions like a dream for sword enthusiasts.