Discover a wide selection of museum quality pieces from Denix here at Buying a Sword. Earning prestige with their high quality designs, the Denix brand specializes in historical weapons replicas from around the world, making their products a great choice for collectors and re-enactors. Buying a Sword carries items like Denix Crusader swords, Viking axes, medieval halberds, Roman swords, tomahawks, Russian sabers, ceremonial daggers, pirate cutlasses, and so much more. Certain pieces recreate famous weapons like Excalibur, Richard the Lionhearts sword, and Napoleonic daggers. A number of these decorative weapons feature engravings and other embellishments that provide a striking look for display. These medieval pole arms and ornamental blades are suitable prop weapons and collectibles for anyone who thinks their period ensemble or home decor could use a touch of ages past!
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15th Century Swiss Halberd

Item # XD637
The halberd was an effective weapon for a foot soldier against cavalry, and in skilled hands the weapon could dismount a knight. This replica of a 15th century Swiss halberd is ideal for role-playing or decorating your castle walls.

1809 Napoleon Dagger

Item # SD4113
Napoleons dagger was modeled after his ceremonial court sword by Martin Biennais. The grip is engraved with Napoleons profile, and his Monogram can be seen on the sheath. This replica by Denix is accurately detailed.

18th Century Masonic Sword

Item # SD4119
The Freemasons gave the Masonic Sword as an award of rank and merit. The engravings on the sword and scabbard displayed the symbols of the movement. This replica faithfully reproduces the detail of a Masonic sword of the period.

19th Century Cutlass

Item # SD4127
The Cutlass was a short slashing sword, ideal for close quarters battles aboard ships. The cutlass was issued to the Naval personnel of many countries, and this piece by Denix replicates a French naval style of the early 19th century.

Axe of the Valkyries Pewter

Item # XD614G
This fantasy axe is attributed to the Valkyries, legendary mystical warriors of Norse sagas who transported the souls of dead Vikings to Valhalla, home of the gods. The double head is inscribed with Viking runes and symbols.

Black Crusader Sword With Scabbard

Item # SD4163N
The Templars were established in the early 12th century following the First Crusade and were charged with protecting pilgrims on the way to the Holy Land. The knights of the religious military order favored a strong, beautiful sword.

Brass King Arthur Dagger

Item # SD4139L
In mythology, the dagger of King Arthur was used to swear blood oaths of honor and loyalty. As symbolic as his sword, King Arthurs dagger never left his side. This version of the dagger by Denix is a match for their Excalibur sword.

Brass Roman Sword

Item # SD4116L
The Roman Sword, or Gladius, evolved from weapons captured during the Roman campaign in the Iberian peninsula. By the first century A.D., it had been refined to the form shown in this replica by Denix.

Dagger of Richard the Lionheart

Item # SD4157NQ
Noted for his bravery, and often for his cruelty as well, Richard the Lionheart is one of the most widely admired English monarchs. The Dagger of Richard the Lionheart commemorates this crusader in a beautiful and subtle way.

Nickel Excalibur Sword with Scabbard

Item # SD4170NQ
The graceful lines of this piece by Denix fit the image of the warrior king of the Britons. With its nickel finish and polish zinc alloy blade, Excalibur is a superb decorative sword and conversation piece.

Red Richard the Lionheart Dagger

Item # SD4157N
As a sidearm, the dagger has been used for centuries, both for defense and for reasons of personal decoration. This Red Richard the Lionheart Dagger is a brilliant showpiece that echoes the heraldry of this English crusader king.

Roman Dagger

Item # SD4101NQ
The Roman dagger, or Pugio, was a standard weapon carried by the Roman Legions. This replica by Denix of a museum piece illustrates the skill of the artisan and the taste of the Roman officer who wore the original.