Sheaths & Scabbards

Every sword needs a good scabbard or sheath to keep it safely stored or for ease of carry. Many of our weapons at Buying a Sword come with scabbards or sheaths, but we also offer separate scabbards and sheaths for swords and daggers here. These sheaths and scabbards are great for using with weapons that do not come with their own, or for switching up how you keep your weapon contained. Shop all our high quality sheaths and scabbards here for protecting your weapon and your surroundings or for more easily attaching it to a sword belt or baldric.
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31 inch Leather Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-660131
When you are not training or in conflict your sword needs a place to rest. Give that weapon a home with the 31 Inch Leather sheath. Do not lay that sword on the ground or against a tree when it deserves a respectable carry method.
$32.00 $29.00

31-Inch Suede Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-660231
You can stop searching for a stylish yet function accessory with the 31-Inch Suede Sheath. Able to protect your trusty weapon this sheath can also provide a comforting carry method while keeping your sword at the ready.
$18.00 $16.00

38 inch Leather Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-660138
If you have been searching for a way to keep your weapon comfortably close at hand then the 38 Inch Leather Sheath is your solution. Balancing function and style this sheath is an excellent way to carry your trusted sword.
$48.00 $43.00

38 inch Suede Sheath

Item # ZS-SHE-660238
You will not always be conquering a castle or protecting royalty so rest your trusted sword in the 38 Inch Suede Sheath. This quality sheath is ready to carry your weapon when defensive action is not entirely necessary.
$27.00 $24.00

Castagir Scabbard

Item # MY101271
When adventuring in a far-off land, one unknown to you, make sure that you have a sword ready at your side. Carry a sword with the Castagir Scabbard. Be ready at any LARP battle or cosplay convention and impress your fellow warriors.

Doran Sword Sheath

Item # MY101294
Whether you are a mercenary in the shadows or a soldier on the field, you need a place to keep your sword. Hold your blade with the Doran Sword Sheath. This frog is a great addition to a variety of fantasy and medieval outfits.

Jorge LARP Knife Scabbard

Item # MY100759
In the thick of battle, the last thing you want to worry about is whether you still have your throwing knife. Luckily, when you equip yourself with the Jorge LARP Knife Scabbard, worries like these will become a thing of the past!

LARP Leather Dagger Scabbard

Item # MCI-3293
Whether you are a scoundrel, rogue, or spirited adventurer, keep your dagger safe at your side and at the ready with the LARP Leather Dagger Scabbard. The inner lining provides safe storage and a quick withdraw for your weapon.

Reuven LARP Knife Scabbard

Item # MY100767
LARPing may be a lot safer for the warriors than fighting with steel weapons, but that does not mean that foam weapons cannot get damaged. Make sure your LARP knives are in good shape by keeping them in the Reuven LARP Knife Scabbard.

The Scabbard for Sting

Item # UC2893
This replica of the Scabbard for Sting is designed to fit licensed versions of the Sting sword, which was wielded by no less than three hobbits over the course of two amazing journeys that would change the face of Middle Earth forever.