Spear Heads

Buying a Sword is proud to offer this fantastic array of spear heads. We have a great selection in various styles, including ancient Greek and medieval styles. They include both pointed and blunted blades. Some are fully functional while others work better for decorative use. We also offer spear butt caps. These caps help to protect the bottom of the shaft on a spear. Our spear parts come in a variety of colors and finishes. For example, some have a rough or natural finish. These spear heads make great DIY items as well as collectible display pieces. Take a moment to browse, and you are sure to find something that will interest you.

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Light Medieval Spearhead - Forged Finish

Item # MH-W0954
You easily spot your prey in the depths of the enchanted forest. Quickly, you attack it with the Light Medieval Spearhead with the forged finish. This reproduction spearhead makes a great addition to a reenactment display or costume.

Light Medieval Spearhead - Polished Finish

Item # MH-W0955
You stand at attention ready to defend the town from whatever threatens it. The Polished Finish Light Medieval Spearhead is sure to stop the enemy. This steel spearhead makes a great addition to a reenactment display or costume.

Pilum Butt Cap

Item # HW-701068
When creating your own Roman spear, make sure that you remember both ends of the weapon. Add the Pilum Butt Cap to your DIY weapon or collection. This steel end cap makes a wonderful addition to a historical reenactment display.

Throwing Spear

Item # XH2039
The decorated spearheads demonstrate the Vikings creative mix of art and war, whereby weapons often carried intricate patterns, created using the Niello process. These make for great collectibles and great weapons!
$75.00 $69.00

The Holy Lance

Item # AH-4230
At the Imperial Treasury, housed in Vienna, Austria, rests The Holy Lance. Said to belong to a Roman soldier, Longinus, who pierced the side of Christ with a spear, this artifact has a colorful history and a legend of potential power.

Greek Bronze Spear Parts

Item # AH-6126
The sword may have been the favored close combat weapon of the Greek warrior, but it was the spear that was considered a hoplites primary weapon. With the Greek Bronze Spear Parts, you will be able to recreate this essential weapon.