Stage Combat Weapons

When choosing your stage combat weapon, you need a tool that balances appearance, durability, and safety. Here at Buying a Sword, we carry a number of excellent stage combat swords from top manufacturers like Stage Steel and Darksword Armoury that are perfect for theatrical fighting and training. These functional swords have blunted blades to increase safety while showing off realistic appearances in a number of styles like short swords, Renaissance rapiers, broadswords, pirate cutlasses, Roman gladiuses, Scottish claymores, and Japanese katana. Several of our designs are crafted with Western Martial Arts training in mind, as well. Our theatrical swords are well crafted to ensure that they will withstand the rigors of combat, making them ideal for sparring and re-enactments. Browse our selection of stage fighting swords to find the perfect piece for your next performance!
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13th Century Arming Sword

Item # SM36050
The second in a series of performance oriented swords designed by Gus Trim and produced by Kingston Arms, this 13th Century Arming Sword has a very slight forward balance, making it quick in the hand and devastating in the cut.
$440.00 $349.00

Aella Spear Head

Item # MY100245
The Aella Spear Head is an excellent way to complete any spear used for stage combat. No shaft is included with this spear tip, making it ideal for those who love to custom create or assemble their stage combat weaponry themselves.

Arnold Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100593
With the Arnold Stage Combat Sword in your hand, fend off your foes while wowing your audience. This spring steel stage combat sword features an authentic medieval appearance that has been made safe for performance and costume use.

Balduin Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100594
Like a fearsome 11th century Norman warrior, you battle your enemies with stalwart defiance. With the Balduin Stage Combat Sword in hand, your stage fight is safe without sacrificing an impressively authentic medieval appearance.

Bohemund Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY101137
Great knight, wield your Bohemund Stage Combat Sword while you fight on Crusade. You are ready to take on whatever the enemy decides to send at you. This sword is wonderful for controlled reenactments and theater productions.

Competition Federschwert

Item # SM36070
From beginners to masters, the Competition Federschwert provides a light, fast, and safe longsword for all your sparring needs. Thanks to feedback from HEMA practitioners, this awesome sword gives function to traditional style!
$249.50 $229.00

Edwin Stage Combat Dagger

Item # MY101252
Sometimes a knight may need more than just a sword. Ensure that you have multiple weapons at hand by carrying the Edwin Stage Combat Dagger with you. This dagger is great for adding authenticity to a stage production or a costume.

Edwin Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100606
Arm yourself for a knightly adventure when you carry the Edwin Stage Combat Sword in hand. Designed for realistic stage fighting and historical costume use, this stage combat sword is inspired by the blades of early medieval knights.

Franziska Throwing Axe

Item # MY100827
The Franks and other Germanic cultures fought during the end of the Roman empire. They fought with throwing axes like this Franziska Throwing Axe. This stage fighting axe is great for controlled reenactments and theater productions.

Ganelon Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY101138
No knight, adventurer, or paladin should be without a weapon. Be ready and make sure you have a sword at hand. Wield the Ganelon Stage Combat Sword. This sword is wonderful for controlled reenactments and theatrical productions.

Godegisel Stage Combat Sword

Item # MY100613
Defend your territory against any foe with the Godegisel Stage Combat Sword. This fearsome blade, inspired by the swords of ancient Germanic warriors, has been made safe for stage combat with its blunted edges and rounded tip.

Gotthard Viking Axe

Item # MY100828
Chopping at some onstage enemies requires the right equipment. The Gotthard Viking Axe is ideal for fighting in a theatre or walking in a medieval village. You can use this functional axe at a historical reenactment.