Training Weapons

Here you will find all of our training weapons. We have both synthetic training weapons, typically made of polypropylene, and wooden training weapons. We carry more than just training swords here, so you will find practice weapons of all kinds, including training knives and daggers. Many of these training weapons are made in styles that imitate actual historical weapons, so you will find parrying training daggers, medieval training daggers, medieval knight swords, and even Viking swords for practicing your skills here. We also carry wooden practice katana and wooden bokken. If you are looking to learn a new technique or practice your skills before taking up a real, sharpened blade, practicing with our synthetic and wooden training weapons is a must.

Synthetic Training Weapons

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The synthetic training weapons available at Buying a Sword duplicate the appearance, weight, and feel of a variety of historical weapons, ensuring that you will have a valuable practice experience as you hone your skills. Our synthetic medieval weapons include hand and a half swords, bastard swords, broadswords, hatchets, cleavers, and more. The synthetic oriental weapons range from various samurai bokken to wakizashi, ninjato, and shoto swords. We also offer synthetic gladiuses and a few other unique weapon designs. The majority of our synthetic weapons are crafted from a durable polypropylene that is virtually unbreakable and cut resistant. Alternately, we also carry a few latex training weapons like pirate cutlasses, Spartan swords, and Legend of Zelda Master swords that provide a safer alternative to practicing with metal blades. These synthetic weapons are perfect for martial artists and swordsmen who are interested in sparring or practice.

Training Knives

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To successfully wield any weapon, even a knife, practice is necessary. Buying a sword offers a variety of training knives to help hone your skill before you take hold of a real blade. Shop here for all our synthetic training daggers, many of which are made of sturdy and cut resistant polypropylene, making them rugged tools to practice with. These practice weapons are sized and shaped like real knives and daggers, making them ideal for trying out new techniques or learning how to use a new weapon. We offer medieval training daggers and modern training knives both here, so you can pick the practice weapon that best matches the real one you are training to use.

Wooden Training Weapons

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Perfect for providing a safer experience than a metal blade, the wooden training weapons at Buying a Sword make an excellent choice for martial artists and swordsmen as they practice and hone their skills with a variety of historical weapons. These wooden weapons are crafted from fine materials like natural red oak, white oak, bamboo, and other hardwoods. Our wooden sword designs include medieval blades like wooden longswords, wooden pirate swords, wooden two handed swords, wooden daggers, and wooden Excalibur replicas. We also carry high quality Oriental training weapons like bokken, wooden tanto, wooden tai chi swords, bamboo kendo swords, wooden daito swords, wooden shoto swords, wooden katana, and bo staves. Our historically accurate wooden weapons can handle sparring and even edge-to-edge sword fighting. Wood can break along the grain, however, so care should be taken when training. Choose the right wooden practice weapon for your needs from the wide selection of pieces here at Buying a Sword.
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Kung Fu Jian Sword

Item # SD15030
For martial arts practitioners seeking a blade of excellent quality, the Kung Fu Jian Sword makes a great choice. Similar in flexibility to a wushu style but not quite as thin, the jian has a reinforcing ridge down the entire length.