Valyrian Steel

Fans of the hit HBO show Game of Thrones and the bestselling book series on which it is based will be delighted to discover the fantastic collectible weapons produced by Valyrian Steel. Named for a lost art of forging from the series, Valyrian Steel creates licensed weapons replicas like Eddard Starks sword, the Catspaw dagger, Khal Drogos Arakh, the Oathkeeper sword, and others. Crafted from fine materials and detailed with precious metal plating, faux gems, carved wood, gold accents, and other embellishments, many of these decorative swords and weapons come with display plaques and certificates of authenticity, making them ideal for collectors. These Game of Thrones replicas are modeled on the actual pieces used in the television series, and more pieces are added regularly as they appear on the show. Buying a Sword provides Game of Thrones licensed weapons when you want a superb collectible to show off your enthusiasm for George R.R. Martins fantasy saga.
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Arakh of Khal Drogo

Item # Game-18
A Dothraki chief who marries Daenerys Targaryen, Khal Drogo is an astonishingly fearless and fierce warrior, whose skill with an arakh is unrivaled. The Arakh of Khal Drogo is an exact replica of the favored weapon of this horse-lord.

Caesura Kingkiller Sword

Item # Game-26
Just because you are a poet, that does not make you incompetent. With the Caesura Kingkiller Sword, you can wield the same weapon as the musician-adventurer Kvothe from The Kingkiller Chronicle, emulating his power and determination.

Damascus Steel Widows Wail

Item # Game-25
Take the worlds breath away! This officially licensed replica sword from the HBO show Game of Thrones is modeled after the prop used on the show. Our Damascus Steel Widows Wail features high quality materials for a unique appearance.

Ice The Sword of Eddard Stark

Item # Game-9
Ned Stark embodied the values of the North. As the scion of one of the great Houses of Westeros, Ned had considerable power, as well as great skill in war. Now, you can make Ice, the Sword of Eddard Stark, your own.

Needle the Sword of Arya Stark

Item # Game-21
Contrary to her age and size, Arya Stark has a fierce warrior spirit and innate survival skills. Given to her by her brother Jon Snow, Needle the Sword of Arya Stark is perfect for fans of the younger and more fiesty Stark daughter.

Widows Wail

Item # Game-24
As far as families from the HBO series Game of Thrones go, the Lannisters are dramatic and fraught with complexities. Our replica sword Widows Wail is developed after the one used in the series by an assortment of characters.