Viking Daggers

A popular weapon among Germanic tribes, the Anglo-Saxons, and the Vikings, the seax is named for the Old English word for knife. The traditional seax, also called a sax, scramaseax, and scramasax, typically features a blade with a single edge and a centerline tang, which could range in length from 3-4 inches to around 28 inches. Broken-back seax display a dramatic sharp angle between the back and point of the blade. This Viking dagger serves well for fighting and everyday work. Here at Buying a Sword, we carry a great selection of Viking daggers and Anglo-Saxon blades crafted from fine materials like high carbon steel with wood, horn, and bone handles. We offer pieces with darkened and polished finishes. Available in functional dagger and decorative dagger designs, these traditional Norse blades are great for historical re-enactors and weapons collectors.
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Bone Handled Viking Utility Dagger

Item # AH-4116BN
Vikings found uses for weapons of every size, as they had a number of tasks to accomplish at any given time. The Bone Handled Viking Utility Dagger is a tool fit for a Norse warrior of unmatched stature and barbaric strength.

Decorated Viking Scramasax

Item # AH-4170N
Some Vikings were fond of prestige weapons, those being ornate pieces that were as much signs of rank as anything else. This Decorated Viking Scramasax is one such piece with fine detailing, made out of a typical Viking knife.

Gudrik Seax Knife

Item # MY100943
Self-respecting Saxon warriors carried a seax sword. Remember this well-known Germanic weapon by wearing the Gudrik Seax Knife and its included leather sheath. This sheepsfoot blade is great for many outdoor situations and needs.

Havall Viking Seax

Item # MY100513
Blades much like the Havall Viking Seax served as a common sidearm to the Germanic and Anglo-Saxon tribes from the Migration Period to the Early Middle Ages. This decorative weapon adds authenticity to the role of Viking raider.

Havall Viking Seax Dagger

Item # MY100514
From the Migration Period to the Early Middle Ages, knives proved helpful in survival and combat. The Havall Viking Seax Dagger is a modern replica. Whether for reenactment or cosplay, the Havall Viking Seax Dagger is a great accessory.

Holmstein Seax

Item # MY100952
The seax sword characterized the Saxons. The legacy of that weapon continues today in the Holmstein Seax, a knife carrying on that distinctive design. It is a great functional item and a wonderful display piece for any collection.

Horn Handled Viking Seax

Item # AH-3379H
If there is one thing to be learned by observing Viking weaponry, it is that the Vikings loved large blades. This Horn Handled Viking Sax is a broad knife, although given its length this blade is basically a Viking short sword.

Lobed Pommel Viking Seax

Item # ZS-203340
While the seax was the basic Viking utility knife, more decorative versions of the dagger, like this Lobed Pommel Viking Seax, were often used among these Norse warriors for ceremonial purposes or to show prestige among themselves.
$28.00 $25.00

Maldon Viking Seax

Item # 404119
With its striking appearance, the Maldon Viking Seax serves as a fantastic historical dagger replica. A design popular among Germanic and Anglo-Saxon peoples, the Norse seax makes a great weapon for collecting or putting to work.

Norman Dagger

Item # DS-1803
A good dagger is a must for any warrior, especially since they are so handy to have when you head into battle. Besides, you never know when a blade like this Norman Dagger might save your life, so it is good to always have one ready.

Runic Long Seax

Item # 501531
Any Viking warrior should make sure that they carry a short blade around with them like the Runic Long Seax with its historical design. This functional dagger is great for historical reenactments. You can also add it to your Norse armoury.

Saxon Scramasax

Item # SH1075
The Saxon Scramasax was the typical sidearm of Saxons and Vikings between the 4th and 10th centuries. Thanks to its long and heavy duty blade, the scramasax was ideal as both a close quarters weapon and a tool to use for everyday tasks.
$167.00 $149.00